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Comments by the Artist Rodney Zelenka

Transcendentalism and infinity are concepts I have been attracted to ever since I have memory, and I have been doing art work equally as long, reflecting in it these ideas.

This artistic work became a playground for the child in me, a lab for the alchemist in me, a scenario for the magician in me, a case full of mirrors for the mortal in me.

I have a feeling that all of us, the mortal souls, the living creatures, the existing beings and any other forms of being, deal in their own way with the ideas or essence of infinity, transcendentalism or the vastness of the universe.

This idea has led me thru many paths to the understanding or reflection that if humans are not the only ones interpreting or feeling reality, then other beings must also be dealing with reality in their own ways. Humbled by this concept of vastness and realizing we are not alone in the world, has given me access to a world of infinite possibilities, of unimaginable realities.

How might an ant, an ameba, matter or antimatter, an extraterrestrial or any other being, perceive the universe and its components?

How might the universe and its components be perceived inside a black hole? How might the universe be perceived from nothingness?

It becomes magical to me to realize that there is such a richness in possibilities to perceive reality and such a bountiful source of inspiration to create styles, forms and languages in art work. It becomes clear to me that the exercise of trying to understand or see other points of view might then help us experience in full the essence of life and its events.

The voyage thru those different worlds of realities is sometimes called fantasy, because it "might be reality', but then it might be invented. But to me, once it's invented, it becomes reality. There is no difference.

As research to get other points of view I sometimes listen to how a fish sees air when it is out of its habitat, or a bird water or an ant the sky, or a virus another crystal form, or energy another energy, or a quartz another quartz. So that can imagine what is their reality and make it our fantasy.

For you the observer, to visualize these alternative worlds and to dive into these realms of existence, let me suggest the following:

Imagine 'seeing" thru a telescope with one eye, thru a microscope with another and thru a third eye on your forehead. What would you see?

Imagine at the same time also touching your surroundings and being aware of what you feel and hear, smell and taste. How would this add to what you see?

Imagine knowing you have a universe of things or beings living inside of you and that there is another equally infinity universe outside of you and recognize that they also exist and therefore also see. How would this add to what you see?

Imagine that at the same time there is your ego, and you are not only influenced to think by what your senses perceive but by religion, philosophy, physics, math, thoughts in general. How would this add to what you see?

Imagine that added to all these paradigms or dimensions of reality, there is the factor of time(t)and then velocity (v) and other factors, to make possibilities even greater.

Imagine you were looking at yourself, looking at these things and that other beings or things were looking at you looking at yourself at the same time. (We're suddenly travelling in outer spaces, and leaving our bodies).

And besides, what if you werea magician and invented and rearranged reality and what you saw. What then would you see?

Isn't it fantastic the immense amount of information available to us at once to perceive reality?

This concept is probably the center core of my artistic work and of the style I have developed. The driving force of creation to which I, the artist, then add humor, politics, ecology, philosophy, etc.

Therefore when you look at my work, see me recreate, experiment, invent and play with different realities. See me bring together all kinds of realities in a consistent style of work. Let your senses travel across the canvas to all its corners. Realize there in no center, no specific horizon. Go in and out and thru Feel the molecular structures, DNA constructions, crystal-like formations, light and shadows; Feel the optical illusions caused by swirling movements of light, color, shapes: See the microscopic vision of skin, scales, feathers, hair, solids, water, air; See the humans and animals interacting with their counterparts or their surroundings:

See my Cast of Creatures communicate with each other, with themselves, and try to communicate with you, the observer.

At this point you might suddenly be flying like a fish thru air, a bird thru water or feeling like a magician making fantasy out of reality.


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